Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wished: Jack of All Trades

Someone beat me to reviewing this *narrows eyes* I know I've been behind on reviewing stuff since Day 1, but when I saw that people had picked something else over this, I had slapped myself heartily on the back for spotting this gem. Yet someone beat me to reviewing this *narrows eyes again*

But back to the necklace =P This simple one-pendant necklace from The Purple Polka Dot Shop is all boldness and edge, a dream for the non-conformist. Embossed spade and diamond sandwiching a four-leafed clover and a flaming thorn-encircled heart. 100 marks for angsty-ness! And none of that fragile fine link chains; this one lives up to being a real chain. But the floral motif, the butterfly and bird details all serve to lend a softness to it. To me, this pendant embodies the spirit of women: capable, adventurous, passionate and yet, can be just a girl.

Nevertheless, it looks a little delicate to me, being so wide and only attached by one little tip. And I can imagine it looking better hung from two points on both ends instead, adding on to the edginess. At RM32, it is also what a pauper, even a non-comforming one, cannot afford *sniffles*

Wished (of course!):
Jack of All Trades at RM32

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