Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not bad for a first week

I had meant to keep on writing regardless of whether people enjoy reading this blog or even visit. I had prepared myself to brave the fearsome blogshopping masses whom I imagined can rip a reviewer to shreds simply by dismissing just another fledgling blog. I was bracing myself to be marginalized from other reviewers because I didn't plan to write and make selections as they do.

Then all the nice emails came in and tore down my defences.

Writing is the one thing I truly love but have neglected for far too long in fear of not being good enough. Having readers enjoy what I come up with means so much more to me than they will probably ever know.

The Pauper's Wishlist is appreciated. This is a statement I make not with feelings of pride, but of humility. I almost dare not speak of it lest it fades like the shimmers of a dream at that instant of waking. Now, I thank you for your kind words, blogshop owners, readers, friends. Thank you for your unknowing encouragement, you know who you are.

15 items, 12 posts, and some laughter =P

Dare to dream

Credit: Despair, Inc


-k said...

You certainly write with a flair. Even though I do not necessarily agree with your picks, I still keep reading your views about it, which of course is the mark of a great writer. Keep up the great work! said...

Hey A,

Don't despair, you're doing a great job!

Thanks for your kind words on


The Pauper said...

Oh wow, wow, I have comments! What do I do now? O_o

Hey there -k (Karen I think?), thanks for the nice compliments :]
Checked out your blogs and now I have more to stalk >_>
You write heap big good also =P

TheNewColour, thanks for your support! Keep them updates coming :]