Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wished: Wide/Drop Shoulder Mutton Sleeves Button

That was what I thought! I mean, I've heard of cow-l neck but mutton sleeves?! Turns out there really is a leg of mutton sleeve sleeve with a very full top that is gathered or pleated into the armhole, then tapers gradually to fit closely at the wrist.

The meat and potatoes hehe of this piece from ESNCLothing is of course the slouchy style I'm going for. Spot the similar flowy design and brace yourself for more to come cuz it's cozy and comfy even for a pork chop ahahaha like me.

Of course, I don't wanna run out and buy it like a headless chicken hehehe. On its own, layered with different pieces, off-shoulder, pushed-up sleeve; I'm already having fun thinking up ways to ham it up oh I kill myself. But I'm counting my chickens before they hatch ahaha I have to stop.

RM41 isn't not too much to ask for so versatile a top but as usual, what I always beef about hurhur, I haven't got a cash cow heeheehee!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wished: Boho Moho

It's been a month since I was dragged away from all Internet access and returned heartbroken to see that I missed these yummy releases from my all-time covet, Fringe. But one look at the hundreds of emails and incoming chatbox ads brought me right back into the mood! =P

First item on the list is this cropped? balloon? lantern-sleeved shawl? jacket? cardigan from the recently-resurrected Hunibunny.

Long-sleeved and woolly, just right for the cool summer of the UK, where I will be June-Sept. At long last, I'll able to fulfill my dream of the perfect layering ala Europe street chic, of which I am a fan to the point of a purist, without sweating up my clothes, mwahahahahaha! *licking lips in utter glee*

So, just how right is this piece? The answer lies in its interesting cut: billowy sleeves and drapey collar. Just right to perk up a simple outfit; not too strong to complement a dressier ensemble; yet not too fancy for the office. Just right to keep cozy; airy enough to stay cool.

However, RM44 is not so right for a girl all outta angpau moneys =( Allowing such babes to model temptation should be outlawed!

Wished: Boho Moho at RM44

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mutual Love

I do try, you know. I do try to review different blogshops and items that others overlook. But if it's love, it's love! Especially when it's love from The Shoplifters ;] I even waited patiently, painfully, for the debut of this love even though my eyes have been roving greedily over it since they thought it fit to tantalize me with the teaser yesterday.

Honestly, I could probably never pull off leggings, no thanks to thunder thighs and a genetic heritage of what in the old times would be seen as generous child-bearing hips -_-

Yes, it's lacy. You may find it hard to believe from the number of lacy items I've reviewed, but nothing lacy has ever made it into my closet =P But lace is exactly what made this pair so outstanding from the patterns tights or lamé leggings on offer of late. At the price of RM42, it had better! But from the growth rate of the reservation list, I might just bump into someone with a mutual love =P

Noir Lace Leggings at RM42

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Padded Locked Room

Good God, if you're trying to kill me without leaving evidence of a crime, just keep posting up killer shoes like these on Fringe and you'll have a locked room mystery on your hands. Locked of course, I can't have anyone else looking at these babies now can I? They might take my precious away from me... *glares suspiciously*

Oh but who could humanly resist such sens-u-o-u-s seduction?! These shoes are nothing short of *cue husky suggestive voice* ooh sexy! Look at that first baby: peep toe, snake print, ankle cuff type stiletto. I think I've made my point about not being on good terms with peep toes but look at those curves. *sounds of ecstasy*

But don't stop here, check out that second baby: croc embossed, front zipper, gladiator style stiletto. I shan't say more, I need not. *dies the slow sweet death that is utter and complete rhapsody* But it's already SOLD! arrhandsoffmybabyyermiserablescumgrumblemumble

And then, there's the STUDDED baby. Bondage + rocker + *dies a million times over* But the only blue pair is already reserved! apoxonallyounonpauperpeoplegrumblemumble

So what if blue heels are not practical? So what if I have absolutely nothing to wear with them? So what if I could die falling from such heights? I.W!llz.B3.T3h.W@lk!ng.S3X.H3llz.Y3@h.

No, this is not feel good, free publicity, buy-buy-buy. This is feel greedy, open prurience, give-give-give them to me! Cuz no pauper could ever afford these babies... ='( *bawls*

Wished (oh how I wished!): Snake Print at RM189, Fergalicious at RM199, Studded at RM199, My Stud at RM199

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Little Accents

Thought I'd get this question out of the way first before moving to today's post: If she doesn't like gold, then why does she keep reviewing items that are gold?
Because colour is the worst yardstick for judgment of character. Woah, deep much? =P Plus, it's all about looking vintage today, so gold is the way to go.

Once more, what nailed it for these necklaces from iXora was again, intricate engravings. Hmm, are you sensing any patterns here? =P The vintage look, to me, has always been about pleasantly surprising little accents that complement a complete look, yet stand just as beautifully on their own, accents that beckon you to take a closer look. These pretty pieces sure has done a good job of that.

While the first three shapes are classic in design, the final one is certainly uncommon: an octogonal perfume bottle. And with an embossed surface at that. I'd say it certainly is the crowning glory of the collection.

There is no love lost between me and fine link chains but I have to admit that the vintage look would not work so well if they had come chunky instead. And from experience, I know that close-ups have a tendency to deceive when it comes to proportion and size. But I believe that the look would not work as well if their presence were too strong, too demanding. Nevertheless, at RM20-RM25 each, the price-to-size proportion is something a pauper cannot ignore =P

From left: Key to My Heart at RM25, Heart necklace at RM25, Round Gold necklace at RM20, Genie in a Bottle at RM25

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wished: Street Style

I had fallen head over heels the moment I set eyes on this stunner. Everybody I mentioned this dizzy crush to only smiled and nodded pleasantly. But look at her. *sigh* Ain't she a beaut? A Fringe selection, check. Bright bold colours, check. Funky straps and panels, check. Chunky buckles and studs and zippers, check, check, check! Come to mama, baby!

Ok, so it's peep toe, which never looks great on me. And it has pink, which I'm not the greatest fan of. And considering the price range of the shoes, probably well beyond what I can spare. But I would feel like a million bucks in this! Think about it:
Last pair.
Just the right colour.
Just the right size.
It's a real-life Cinderella story, ftw! And a daydream dashed by the infinite darkness of an empty wallet... *sniffles*

Wished (so very hard!): Street Style, email for pricing

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Catchy

Imposed a mandatory one-day sabbatical on myself yesterday, in order to straighten out some priorities. But I can only stay away from blogshopping for so long =P

Especially when I came across these belts that The Shoplifters christened such catchy monikers. With a name like DRACONIAN BELT, how could anybody not be drawn by sheer charisma and power alone? Images of dictators, D&D, all things dragons and ruthless are flooding my senses O_o

However, described as "a silver grey waist clincher with gold dragon buckle", it sounds a little bit of a misnomer to me. Upon closer inspection, I thought the intricate design more closely resembles a golden tadpole with fish scales wearing feathers >_> Regardless of what it resembles, this piece is undeniably commanding, perfect for the little power-hungry tyrant in you ;]

Draconian Belt at RM25

On the other side of the coin is this flower motif cutout belt, with just as catchy a name: Rosevelte Belt. The antithesis of the Draconian Belt, it is simple in construct, feminine by design, wide where the other was narrow, cut out where the other popped out. As a belt rather than a cincher, this piece is also more accommodating. But mistake it not for being any less arresting. I'm definitely not the only one with appreciation for this beauty; the browns are already all reserved!

Rosevelte Belt at RM35

Ugh, Blogger's coding is such a mess.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Intricacies

My at least one post a day record is broken :( I blame irregular sleep cycle, laundry and Left 4 Dead >_>
Youth'09 post coming up soon. As soon as I find the namecards I left lying around somewhere, I could swear it was just here...

But for now, lookie what I found:

N0006 at RM28

Does this look familiar? This piece from The Stripee Zebra is going for RM28! But it is only available in gold and yours truly has an inexplicable aversion towards gold accessories. Or anything gold for that matter >_> From the picture, its surface does seem a tad bit less smooth but that does nothing to mar its bold character. Scars only add on to the edginess, just as it does for people ;]

The Stripee Zebra has added apparel to their offerings since the first time I dropped by late last month but it is still the jewellery that caught my eye. While the prices seem considerable in proportion to the sizes, the intricacy of their design is mesmerizing. Stark and simple, without any add-ons to distract from their intrinsic beauty, I can see these pieces bringing subtle texture to achieve a look of understated elegance.

From left: E0008 at RM18, E0006 at RM14 and E0003 at RM14

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wished: Unique Waist Clincher

Update 25/2/09: Just only spotted more of this at iXora for RM28. Looks like there is only black and brown left.

For once, I didn't think a clincher is overpriced. I believe these sort of accessory is known as cinchers but we'll go by what Kiss and Tell named it, shall we? While the band itself is unspectacular, the cinching centrepiece is riveting, to say the least. Innovatively designed, I've yet to come across any other clincher *cincher* anything like it.

The brown piece, in particular, is rich in hue, exuding an impression of luxurious vintage with its intricate engraving. I'm thinking demure oriental concubines in the regal imperial palaces. Or secret booby-trapped trinket boxes holding immeasurable treasure hidden in their sleeves =P

Nonetheless, it being a clincher *cincher*, it is non-adjustable. They do phrase it so pleasantly: Perfect for petites!! Needless to say I'm nowhere near petite but I won't begrudge them this time. I just don't see it working as seamlessly if it was a belt. So, remember, while it will go marvelously with the coming Chinese New Year ambience, best not to test this at any buffet dinners.

Wished: Unique Waist Clincher *cincher* at RM30.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wishwishwished: Rainbow Clutch

Update: Tiz gone =(

Supposed to be studying for exams right now but talking about clutches, I cannotcannotcannot NOT talk about this clutch from Just Bag It which I've wanted since oh, only about forever! Each day, for a few moments, I anxiously, almost fearfully, search the page for that awful word SOLD and, with relief, cast a longing eye upon this rainbow beauty before saying farewell, but not goodbye, til the morrow arrives again.

Unlike the single-coloured clutch mentioned before, this one can instantly perk up an outfit without having to worry about a matching palette. It doesn't come as a sling/shoulder/wristlet/clutch, but I imagine it can help crank my creative juices up for some DIY fun. Although it won't be the best choice for a formal dinner, it has just the space I need: "A clutch that is spacious enough to fit your belongings such as a your cellphone, purse, small make up purse, shades, digicam and a little bit more!"

Since this Dorothy Perkins clutch had come into the possession of a housemate and blogshopper-in-arms, I've taken it as a sign that it is high time I got myself one. I've always believed that in anything, go for broke or not at all. This loud bold clutch calls me by name!

I'll get you, my pretty, you can't elude me forever. Soon you will, you shall be mine.

Wishwishwished: Rainbow Clutch RM35

Wished: The Lulu Clutch

I had wanted one since I discovered the sling/shoulder/clutch-in-one concept. I probably will have no use for it considering how unladylike I am, but I still want one =P Spotted one in electric blue, going for RM35, but I've forgotten the blogshop. At RM2 more, this one from se.xx.y holds larger and comes with a wristlet hoop. The clean design means it can easily match attires casual and formal alike. Also means I can customize it as I like *chuckles with greedy delight* And means I can take the lazybum's way to change my look.

However, while I love the bright colours, my wardrobe palette may not. And, while I hardly carry make up, I'm one of those "just in case" people, so there must be enough space for wallet, fone, keys, digital camera, extra batteries, tissue, pocket mirror, and lip gloss. Now, I'm not so sure =/

Wished: The Lulu Clutch at RM37

The Common Thing

The common thing between all our clothes, versatility.

In their first collection for 2009, se.xx.y sure has lived up to that claim. It was their presentation that convinced me to leave a mention here. I noticed this first piece because they came up with not one, not two, not even three ways to wear a simple dress, but four! Now I appreciate blogshops' attempts to be creative in their suggestions but many times, the clothing as well as photos just end up looking unnatural =/

While neither flashy nor fancy, se.xx.y has managed to present their simple pieces in different ways without coming across as trying too hard. In doing so, they can persuade shoppers, or me at least, to invest in not only in a garment but in different looks. I personally love the fourth idea =P It helps that this item come in colours both bright and classic. It's no surprise, then, that three of the five pieces have already been snapped up within a day.

Isabel Satin Dress at RM45

Their ingenuity with a similar top only served to further win me over. Did you guess that I love the third idea best? =P Bring a halter fanatic, I have to admit, twisting two layers together for a new design had never even occurred to me. Kudos! This time, all eight yummy colours are already taken. I rest my case.

Taylor Halter Top at RM25


Update: Decided to go on Sunday instead as we'll be able to catch more things we're interested in then. Plan to stay from 2pm-8pm and my very first stop? Bazaar la! =P

I will be there this weekend! Already got my priority pass too! ^_^ Probably Saturday as to make the most of it in one go. The boyf will be going for the Battle of the Bands, the open mic sessions and acoustic stage; a friend will be going for the 8TV Casting Call; another friend is probably in for the Cosplay Competition and the gaming fun. Been trying to get yet another talented friend to join the Expression Photography Contest but no luck yet =/ As for myself, I am looking forward to checking out the parkour performance but most of all the Youth Designer Festival especially, of course, the Creative Mafia. So there will be quite a bit of things to review when I get back *excited*

I know, I know, I'm probably not going to be able to catch it all in one day. But it's exams for The Pauper and she does not have her own transport =( This will be my first time attending this sort of event. I had wanted very much to go for Urbanscapes and I did make it for UOX Play. But this festival certainly seems to exceed both in scale and feel. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to meeting some of the blogshop owners, or seeing them at least. I know I'll be too shy to say hi >_>

Items on The Pauper's shopping list:
1. A top as a birthday present for mom :]
2. A necklace or charmbracelet for a girlfriend who shares mom's birthday Decided to customize at Chatterbeads
3. Bags, because all of mine are shot to hell -_-
4. New clothes for CNY, I've been saving my shopping for this =P
5. Shoes to go with above CNY clothing =P

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wished: Jack of All Trades

Someone beat me to reviewing this *narrows eyes* I know I've been behind on reviewing stuff since Day 1, but when I saw that people had picked something else over this, I had slapped myself heartily on the back for spotting this gem. Yet someone beat me to reviewing this *narrows eyes again*

But back to the necklace =P This simple one-pendant necklace from The Purple Polka Dot Shop is all boldness and edge, a dream for the non-conformist. Embossed spade and diamond sandwiching a four-leafed clover and a flaming thorn-encircled heart. 100 marks for angsty-ness! And none of that fragile fine link chains; this one lives up to being a real chain. But the floral motif, the butterfly and bird details all serve to lend a softness to it. To me, this pendant embodies the spirit of women: capable, adventurous, passionate and yet, can be just a girl.

Nevertheless, it looks a little delicate to me, being so wide and only attached by one little tip. And I can imagine it looking better hung from two points on both ends instead, adding on to the edginess. At RM32, it is also what a pauper, even a non-comforming one, cannot afford *sniffles*

Wished (of course!):
Jack of All Trades at RM32

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not bad for a first week

I had meant to keep on writing regardless of whether people enjoy reading this blog or even visit. I had prepared myself to brave the fearsome blogshopping masses whom I imagined can rip a reviewer to shreds simply by dismissing just another fledgling blog. I was bracing myself to be marginalized from other reviewers because I didn't plan to write and make selections as they do.

Then all the nice emails came in and tore down my defences.

Writing is the one thing I truly love but have neglected for far too long in fear of not being good enough. Having readers enjoy what I come up with means so much more to me than they will probably ever know.

The Pauper's Wishlist is appreciated. This is a statement I make not with feelings of pride, but of humility. I almost dare not speak of it lest it fades like the shimmers of a dream at that instant of waking. Now, I thank you for your kind words, blogshop owners, readers, friends. Thank you for your unknowing encouragement, you know who you are.

15 items, 12 posts, and some laughter =P

Dare to dream

Credit: Despair, Inc

Wished: Baredback Cheongsam

Update: Andmoreagain clarified that, they "will only do transactions through Ebay, since we feel it is much safer and more convenient. Plus they give out stars, which the seven year old in me loves ;)" Now how can you argue with that logic? =P As of this update, the bid stands at RM30 with 1 day, 10 hours and 3 minutes left to go :]

I had better get to talking about this dress from Andmoreagain before Chinese New Year rolls around. And before the bidding duration is up. Bidding? What bidding? Bidding on ebay that is. Yup, this blog catalogues the items that they have up for bids on their Ebay store. I’m not entirely sure if you can only get the dress from there but at RM30, I wouldn’t mind having to register to bid for it =P

So, how many features would make another cheongsam dress unacceptable for my grandmother this time? 1) Not red 2) Dark colour 3) Bared back! Like the title said, baredback cheongsam, in addition to the keyhole opening in the front. Another piece with ruched sides, it looks like the flared skirt may also be asymmetrical. To be honest, the only thing “cheongsam” about this dress is the mandarin collar =P Doesn’t make it any less alluring though. Sparkle this up with a matching clutch and patterned pumps in a striking colour, ahh… ^_^

But compared with Miss Oriental, this dress does appear in lack. I can't put my finger on it but I'd say that the design alone, though pretty, is not quite enough to make up for being a full length block of a single colour. And being high-collared doesn't give much room for accessorizing. Maybe brooches, hmm... At least it would make a fine dinner dress even after CNY.

Wished: Baredback Cheongsam at RM30

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Flirtatious Sweethearts

I’ll be straight with you here. It was really the price that got me hooked. When I laid eyes on this off-shoulder top from CheapnChic, I thought “Oh that’s a nice design”. Close on its heels were “But it’s brown”, and “And it’s got flowers”. You can probably guess that I’m not really into brown or flowers, and especially not brown flowers. And then I took a look at how much it’s going for and suddenly they warped into “He-hey, it’s not so bad after all!” Which shopper is not a sucker for bargains? =P Now if only I had fairer skin…

Shoulder Sashay at RM19

Can’t blame bargains for the next piece that caught my eye. RM34 seemed a pretty price to pay for some cloth and lace. But some cloth and lace can do wonders for a girl. With its skin-coloured lining, I can see this halter top driving boys wild wondering “Is she? Isn’t she?”. And the black lace only serves to play peekaboo with them, while giving the illusion of being demure. Needless to say, me fitting into an S size is well into the realms of fantasy, so it’s up to some other girl to addle the minds of the male species.

Lacey at RM34

The combination of these two vintage pieces reminds me of the Lisbon sisters from The Virgin Suicides: sweet, shy teases, leading boys to damnation with their pretty little smiles.

Wished: The Perfect Tie

No, not a necktie. It's this one-shoulder top from CheapnChic. I won't call it a toga top because it looks nothing like a toga! =P This is how a toga looks like:

Credit: http://100falcons.wordpress.com/

Okay, maybe that's too strict a definition =P But even the more modern of interpretations should at least look somewhat reminiscent of flowy draped fabric to be labeled a toga dress or a toga top. This is one design which endeared to my heart:

Credit: The Sartorialist, a fashion photography blog I absolutely adore.

So that settles the question of what I'm talking about =P Back to the review: this simple top is what one would call a versatile piece. Never thought I would resort to such reviewer jargon but it aptly describes the freedom to match and accessorize. The design itself provides flexibility, offering options of a sweet bow, a classy knot or anything else you can come up with. Oversized safety pin ala Elizabeth Hurley? =P They suggested that it “can even be used as a short dress”. But try not to confuse your friends wearing it on different shoulders eh? =P

They have it in yellow and black. My skin tone is too yellow already as it is (mom tells people it's because I used to only want yellow noodles >_>), but black conceals the ruche details along the sides. There is one doubt that continues to plague my mind: how would those ruches look on the curvier babes such as yours truly? =/

Wished: The Perfect Tie at RM42

Miss Rose

Not exactly something I personally want but I was attracted to the timelessness of this pair of tights from Arena of Clothes. I had not found anything particularly notable about their first batch and would have missed this sweet find if not for my habit of going through everything >_>

I was instantly drawn by the effortless chic of the rose. Many blogshops have been offering more creative variations, yes I know, but only few have managed to menambat hatiku with the understated elegance like this piece. And at such an affordable price too. I think the free postage promotion also might have something to do with it=P

I'm not so sure about the pink design, seems a little too Moulin Rouge for me but it might look better worn. Perhaps it would do them good to model that pair as well :]

Miss Rose at RM19

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wished: Another Robot tee!

And then, and then, I came across ANOTHER ROBOT TEE, EEP! This time from Devotee, hand drawn by fashion student Millie. Oh but guess what was the only size left that was sold before I saw it? =P But this one is for guys' cut, so mayhaps there's hope yet!

There's your average Joe-bot, your pirate robot, your Agent Smith robot, your working class robot and your robot with a heart. Ooh, Tin Man will be jealous. Loving the way they look on white ^_^

Robot shirt at RM30

Another design still available that caught my eye was simpler, but just as indie. I can't quite make out what the first symbol is, a computer, a cassette, a fax machine? >_<* Whatever it is, it just screams "I'M ARTSY!" Very useful for artsy wishfuls like me >_>

Also size S left, surprise surprise. Oh, what cruel hand fate has dealt me that I cannot even get tshirts for the boyf! But perhaps for the better because RM30, while worth every sen for the handiwork, is an amount all to easy to let go of without a second thought. Still, the beauty of this blog is I can shop in images =P

Sides shirt at RM30

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wished: Hello Robot Tee

EEE ROBOT! I LIKE ROBOTS! That was exactly what came to my mind when I saw this yummy hand-drawn tee from Raunchy, Not!. I have webcomics like Diesel Sweeties and Questionable Content to thank, or blame =P

Green robot and cursive "hello" on red PDI capsleeve V-neck tee. It's everything any young lady with a penchant for the funky and indie can ask for! Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but, but, but... oh come on, it's only RM15! I would have kept it a secret from all of you and bought it myself if it wasn't only for size S folks damn all you skinny people always getting first dibs grumblemumble rawrgrumble.

Wished (in vain): Hello Robot Tee at RM15

Wished: Cutout Oxfords

The moment I laid eyes on this beauty, I was smitten. Before you roll your eyes at me for jumping on the bandwagon, hear me out. While I've always adored oxfords, those recently making rounds in the blogshops have only served to turn me off. Call me picky if you will but I shop by gut instinct.

Then, this pair from peaches and pixies came along and socked it to me. I know I'm a week late on its debut and there has been more than enough coverage of it since, but I've been saving it for the launch of this blog and I'm only finally getting around to it with the Victorian note going on =P

It was the cutout design that nailed it, of course. Irresistible. I have a preference for two tone oxfords and although this one is all black, the overlap was spot on. This oxfords is all woman, I'll tell you that.

On the other hand, it is made of felt. Fabric of that texture, felt, suede, velvet, have always been a no-no to me. Simply because they are too feminine, too fragile for me =P For shoes, even more so. This pair are also peep toes, which have always looked just wrong on me. And then, obviously, there is the price. As they described it, it's a bit of a splurge. A splurge well beyond the means of this pauper =(

Wished: Cutout Oxfords at RM200

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The English Roses

Just as I was getting over the loss of the Victorian Lady, I came across a similar design at the necklace section of Mimpi. At first glance, the cameo itself has a more Grecian feel to it, with a hint of what seems to be the shoulder of a toga. But my mistake, it was a vintage Victorian cameo and an imported one at that.

Without the sparkles like the Victorian Lady before, this piece looks almost porcelain in pristine white and baby blue, as the precious china of English tea parties. Eloise, as it is so aptly christened, consists of the cameo as well as white Swarovski pearls interspersed in a silver chain.

Eloise at RM50

And then, there's her sister. Similar in all make but with the addition of an "imported cabochon setting with floral patterns from the 1950s in black". I'm not sure what was from the 50's, the cabochon setting or the floral patterns, but it sure gives the simple cameo a touch of class. If Eloise is the girl next door, Elisa is her diva sister.

Elisa at RM80

Once again, I've been drawn to something that is undoubtedly not my style. And the prices are enough to make a pauper think more than twice. But when the twin English roses are so beautiful, can you blame a girl for looking? =P

Wished: Cameo in Victorian Lady Style

Until I manage to catch up with the other reviewers on the latest updates, I'ma keep reviewing the preloved things I like *shifty eyes* I'll probably get started when I'm satisfied with the blogshops directory currently in processing. OCD much? =P

But this long necklace from Le Femme Fatale is commanding my attention. I've had my eye on this since it was posted but decided to reconsider because it's just not my style. By the time I came back round to review, it's sold! :( But see what I mean by constantly surprising myself by with the interests I find developing?

Classic, vintage and demure, the centrepiece was what caught my eye in the first place. But the bling around it, I'm not so sure. The necklace would have done better keeping it sweet and simple without the diamante.

Wished (and crushed): Cameo in Victorian Lady Style at RM10

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wished: Multicolored Leather Heels

I want shoes from Fringe. Any shoes from Fringe. Because I love the shoes Fringe brings in. All the shoes Fringe brings in. Not excluding these pair of multicolored strappy heels. I mean, look at them. No, no, don't look at the price; you cannot complain about the price. It's almost too easy to not think about the price when the shoes are as beautiful as these. But only almost *sighs*

Wished (oh so hard!): Multicolored Leather heels at RM200
It's called Colour Mad, my mistake, oops =P

Wished: Retro Checkers Dress with Big Buttons

Another pre-loved dress, this time so new, the tag is still attached. See what I mean by treasures with great value for money? =P

The real clincher was the BIG buttons on this dress from My Precious Preloved. I never expected to be attracted by buttons but turns out I am! :P Cowl-necked (do you call this a cowl neck?) and checkered, I'm thinking this would look good with opaque tights and ballerina flats.

Wished: Miss Oriental

Kicking start the first review are a selection of some personal favourites that I stumbled upon in preparing for the launch of The Pauper's Wishlist.

A number are preloved goods which, to yours truly, can be treasures of great value for money ;]

One of these is this cheongsam dress from My Spring Closet. Just in time for the Chinese New Year! However, black and white, or anything not red for that matter, is simply not acceptable for my grandmother. Satin, cap-sleeved and with a thigh-high slit, this dress is also probably more sexy than acceptable for my grandmother =P

Wished: Miss Oriental cheongsam dress at RM65

Thursday, January 1, 2009

So much for the Big Plan

Initially, the idea behind the Big Plan was to have every necessary element in place before launching The Pauper's Wishlist at the stroke of the New Year to much excitement and fanfare.

The Big Plan involved developing the ultimate review blog that holds that edge over the rest with its fresh breath of originality and functionality.
The Big Plan involved building more than only a blog, but an creative identity that will snag both interest and income.
The Big Plan involved networking with that personal touch to blogshop and fashion site owners by informing and inviting them individually.
The Big Plan involved generating hype in such an angle that shoppers will sit up and notice this kewl new review blog that they can't wait to check out.
The Big Plan involved preparing a mind-blowingly awesome first post that will forever go down in the history of all review blog first posts.

Needless to say, that was not successful>_>

But the Big Plan is still in motion! Just needed some grease in the gears. So keep watching this space!

Here's to a new year, a new endeavour.

Credit: http://www.nicholaskirkwood.com/