Monday, February 23, 2009

Wished: Boho Moho

It's been a month since I was dragged away from all Internet access and returned heartbroken to see that I missed these yummy releases from my all-time covet, Fringe. But one look at the hundreds of emails and incoming chatbox ads brought me right back into the mood! =P

First item on the list is this cropped? balloon? lantern-sleeved shawl? jacket? cardigan from the recently-resurrected Hunibunny.

Long-sleeved and woolly, just right for the cool summer of the UK, where I will be June-Sept. At long last, I'll able to fulfill my dream of the perfect layering ala Europe street chic, of which I am a fan to the point of a purist, without sweating up my clothes, mwahahahahaha! *licking lips in utter glee*

So, just how right is this piece? The answer lies in its interesting cut: billowy sleeves and drapey collar. Just right to perk up a simple outfit; not too strong to complement a dressier ensemble; yet not too fancy for the office. Just right to keep cozy; airy enough to stay cool.

However, RM44 is not so right for a girl all outta angpau moneys =( Allowing such babes to model temptation should be outlawed!

Wished: Boho Moho at RM44


hunibunny said...

thanks for the review! =)))

The Pauper said...

> hunibunny: You're welcome :] You're also welcome to present me with a free gift XD

Sha-Lene said...

Free gift!

Btw I've updated! :) Decided to publish it a few hours earlier... since I'm online to check that the post looks ok anyway. :D

But writing the review put my work into a grinding halt. Uh-oh. With 48 hours left to code 200 news pieces, I guess you may not see me online til after the bazaars on Saturday! o_O

Although on the upside, I may get to post up photos from the bazaars! :D That's if all the blogshop owners are willing to let me take photos of 'em! :)

Good chance for people to see what bazaars are like, too. :) Whether blogshop owners or just shopahoolics like yours truly.

What say you, A? :D Are you coming to the bazaars?

PS: Was going to leave you a msg in the chatbox, but it won't work for me. So decided to leave you a minor essay here instead. LOL!

Sha-Lene said...

Oh and here's the link: :)