Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mutual Love

I do try, you know. I do try to review different blogshops and items that others overlook. But if it's love, it's love! Especially when it's love from The Shoplifters ;] I even waited patiently, painfully, for the debut of this love even though my eyes have been roving greedily over it since they thought it fit to tantalize me with the teaser yesterday.

Honestly, I could probably never pull off leggings, no thanks to thunder thighs and a genetic heritage of what in the old times would be seen as generous child-bearing hips -_-

Yes, it's lacy. You may find it hard to believe from the number of lacy items I've reviewed, but nothing lacy has ever made it into my closet =P But lace is exactly what made this pair so outstanding from the patterns tights or lamé leggings on offer of late. At the price of RM42, it had better! But from the growth rate of the reservation list, I might just bump into someone with a mutual love =P

Noir Lace Leggings at RM42


arissia said...

you don't update often enough. its really annoying. and a pity because your reviews are well-written and you have fantastic fashion sense. oh well.

hr said...


Just discovered your blog.. love it! Its so well-written and the way you describe everything is so witty!!

Hope to see more of your updates in the future

The Pauper said...

I definitely do not take good enough care of this blog :(

> arissia: I can't decide if you're annoyed at me or complimenting me, probably a little of both lol. But I take your comments as constructive, and no worries, I'm back! Hopefully you will be too :(

> hr: Never expected to hear such the nicenice things about this blog, thankies! I've been away for quite some time, but now that I'm back, you can count on those updates ;]