Saturday, January 3, 2009

The English Roses

Just as I was getting over the loss of the Victorian Lady, I came across a similar design at the necklace section of Mimpi. At first glance, the cameo itself has a more Grecian feel to it, with a hint of what seems to be the shoulder of a toga. But my mistake, it was a vintage Victorian cameo and an imported one at that.

Without the sparkles like the Victorian Lady before, this piece looks almost porcelain in pristine white and baby blue, as the precious china of English tea parties. Eloise, as it is so aptly christened, consists of the cameo as well as white Swarovski pearls interspersed in a silver chain.

Eloise at RM50

And then, there's her sister. Similar in all make but with the addition of an "imported cabochon setting with floral patterns from the 1950s in black". I'm not sure what was from the 50's, the cabochon setting or the floral patterns, but it sure gives the simple cameo a touch of class. If Eloise is the girl next door, Elisa is her diva sister.

Elisa at RM80

Once again, I've been drawn to something that is undoubtedly not my style. And the prices are enough to make a pauper think more than twice. But when the twin English roses are so beautiful, can you blame a girl for looking? =P

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