Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Padded Locked Room

Good God, if you're trying to kill me without leaving evidence of a crime, just keep posting up killer shoes like these on Fringe and you'll have a locked room mystery on your hands. Locked of course, I can't have anyone else looking at these babies now can I? They might take my precious away from me... *glares suspiciously*

Oh but who could humanly resist such sens-u-o-u-s seduction?! These shoes are nothing short of *cue husky suggestive voice* ooh sexy! Look at that first baby: peep toe, snake print, ankle cuff type stiletto. I think I've made my point about not being on good terms with peep toes but look at those curves. *sounds of ecstasy*

But don't stop here, check out that second baby: croc embossed, front zipper, gladiator style stiletto. I shan't say more, I need not. *dies the slow sweet death that is utter and complete rhapsody* But it's already SOLD! arrhandsoffmybabyyermiserablescumgrumblemumble

And then, there's the STUDDED baby. Bondage + rocker + *dies a million times over* But the only blue pair is already reserved! apoxonallyounonpauperpeoplegrumblemumble

So what if blue heels are not practical? So what if I have absolutely nothing to wear with them? So what if I could die falling from such heights? I.W!llz.B3.T3h.W@lk!ng.S3X.H3llz.Y3@h.

No, this is not feel good, free publicity, buy-buy-buy. This is feel greedy, open prurience, give-give-give them to me! Cuz no pauper could ever afford these babies... ='( *bawls*

Wished (oh how I wished!): Snake Print at RM189, Fergalicious at RM199, Studded at RM199, My Stud at RM199


ping said...


u unnerstand why.
and btw,hello! =p

Anonymous said...

Amanda!! This is like the best review ever!

FRINGE said...

Hey Amanda.My name is Lyana from FRINGE. I copy paste your entry to FRINGE's website..hope you don't mind. =)

kmmc said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I dropped by.. a link from a link from a link of another fashion blog. Or maybe just a link from a link? heh. Like your blog's design + layout.. and love how you write. You've Been Bookmarked!


P.S: Peeptoes don't work on me either *sigh*

The Pauper said...

How come I've never noticed these comments? *horror of horrors!*

> Ping: Hello, and yes, I totally unnerstand.

> Anonymous: Thanks! Would you like to tell me why you think so?!

> Lyana: I saw the post on Fringe before I saw this comment lol. Course I don't mind :]

> Kristy: Glad you enjoy reading, cuz I enjoy hearing from readers that they enjoy reading :D I'll keep writing, just hope you keep reading :]

Jamie said...

Those last black studded shoes, we have a shop here in Holland that has shoes very similar to these and I thought they only cost €20 - €30 euros. Van Haren was the shop.

Maybe this helps, maybe not at all :P