Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wished: Baredback Cheongsam

Update: Andmoreagain clarified that, they "will only do transactions through Ebay, since we feel it is much safer and more convenient. Plus they give out stars, which the seven year old in me loves ;)" Now how can you argue with that logic? =P As of this update, the bid stands at RM30 with 1 day, 10 hours and 3 minutes left to go :]

I had better get to talking about this dress from Andmoreagain before Chinese New Year rolls around. And before the bidding duration is up. Bidding? What bidding? Bidding on ebay that is. Yup, this blog catalogues the items that they have up for bids on their Ebay store. I’m not entirely sure if you can only get the dress from there but at RM30, I wouldn’t mind having to register to bid for it =P

So, how many features would make another cheongsam dress unacceptable for my grandmother this time? 1) Not red 2) Dark colour 3) Bared back! Like the title said, baredback cheongsam, in addition to the keyhole opening in the front. Another piece with ruched sides, it looks like the flared skirt may also be asymmetrical. To be honest, the only thing “cheongsam” about this dress is the mandarin collar =P Doesn’t make it any less alluring though. Sparkle this up with a matching clutch and patterned pumps in a striking colour, ahh… ^_^

But compared with Miss Oriental, this dress does appear in lack. I can't put my finger on it but I'd say that the design alone, though pretty, is not quite enough to make up for being a full length block of a single colour. And being high-collared doesn't give much room for accessorizing. Maybe brooches, hmm... At least it would make a fine dinner dress even after CNY.

Wished: Baredback Cheongsam at RM30

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