Monday, January 5, 2009

Wished: Another Robot tee!

And then, and then, I came across ANOTHER ROBOT TEE, EEP! This time from Devotee, hand drawn by fashion student Millie. Oh but guess what was the only size left that was sold before I saw it? =P But this one is for guys' cut, so mayhaps there's hope yet!

There's your average Joe-bot, your pirate robot, your Agent Smith robot, your working class robot and your robot with a heart. Ooh, Tin Man will be jealous. Loving the way they look on white ^_^

Robot shirt at RM30

Another design still available that caught my eye was simpler, but just as indie. I can't quite make out what the first symbol is, a computer, a cassette, a fax machine? >_<* Whatever it is, it just screams "I'M ARTSY!" Very useful for artsy wishfuls like me >_>

Also size S left, surprise surprise. Oh, what cruel hand fate has dealt me that I cannot even get tshirts for the boyf! But perhaps for the better because RM30, while worth every sen for the handiwork, is an amount all to easy to let go of without a second thought. Still, the beauty of this blog is I can shop in images =P

Sides shirt at RM30

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