Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Flirtatious Sweethearts

I’ll be straight with you here. It was really the price that got me hooked. When I laid eyes on this off-shoulder top from CheapnChic, I thought “Oh that’s a nice design”. Close on its heels were “But it’s brown”, and “And it’s got flowers”. You can probably guess that I’m not really into brown or flowers, and especially not brown flowers. And then I took a look at how much it’s going for and suddenly they warped into “He-hey, it’s not so bad after all!” Which shopper is not a sucker for bargains? =P Now if only I had fairer skin…

Shoulder Sashay at RM19

Can’t blame bargains for the next piece that caught my eye. RM34 seemed a pretty price to pay for some cloth and lace. But some cloth and lace can do wonders for a girl. With its skin-coloured lining, I can see this halter top driving boys wild wondering “Is she? Isn’t she?”. And the black lace only serves to play peekaboo with them, while giving the illusion of being demure. Needless to say, me fitting into an S size is well into the realms of fantasy, so it’s up to some other girl to addle the minds of the male species.

Lacey at RM34

The combination of these two vintage pieces reminds me of the Lisbon sisters from The Virgin Suicides: sweet, shy teases, leading boys to damnation with their pretty little smiles.

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