Friday, January 9, 2009

Wished: The Lulu Clutch

I had wanted one since I discovered the sling/shoulder/clutch-in-one concept. I probably will have no use for it considering how unladylike I am, but I still want one =P Spotted one in electric blue, going for RM35, but I've forgotten the blogshop. At RM2 more, this one from se.xx.y holds larger and comes with a wristlet hoop. The clean design means it can easily match attires casual and formal alike. Also means I can customize it as I like *chuckles with greedy delight* And means I can take the lazybum's way to change my look.

However, while I love the bright colours, my wardrobe palette may not. And, while I hardly carry make up, I'm one of those "just in case" people, so there must be enough space for wallet, fone, keys, digital camera, extra batteries, tissue, pocket mirror, and lip gloss. Now, I'm not so sure =/

Wished: The Lulu Clutch at RM37


alicia said...

i saw this exact one in berjaya times square..n it's much cheaper.. >_<

about RM26

The Pauper said...

Go Times Square!

> alicia: Tell you a secret, I sometimes spot things online and buy them in Times Square! There will always be an alternative. All depends on how you value the worth of its quality and the experience :]