Friday, January 9, 2009

Wishwishwished: Rainbow Clutch

Update: Tiz gone =(

Supposed to be studying for exams right now but talking about clutches, I cannotcannotcannot NOT talk about this clutch from Just Bag It which I've wanted since oh, only about forever! Each day, for a few moments, I anxiously, almost fearfully, search the page for that awful word SOLD and, with relief, cast a longing eye upon this rainbow beauty before saying farewell, but not goodbye, til the morrow arrives again.

Unlike the single-coloured clutch mentioned before, this one can instantly perk up an outfit without having to worry about a matching palette. It doesn't come as a sling/shoulder/wristlet/clutch, but I imagine it can help crank my creative juices up for some DIY fun. Although it won't be the best choice for a formal dinner, it has just the space I need: "A clutch that is spacious enough to fit your belongings such as a your cellphone, purse, small make up purse, shades, digicam and a little bit more!"

Since this Dorothy Perkins clutch had come into the possession of a housemate and blogshopper-in-arms, I've taken it as a sign that it is high time I got myself one. I've always believed that in anything, go for broke or not at all. This loud bold clutch calls me by name!

I'll get you, my pretty, you can't elude me forever. Soon you will, you shall be mine.

Wishwishwished: Rainbow Clutch RM35

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Waiyee Chan said...

me likeeeeeeeeee!! yummy. *licks lips*