Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wished: The Perfect Tie

No, not a necktie. It's this one-shoulder top from CheapnChic. I won't call it a toga top because it looks nothing like a toga! =P This is how a toga looks like:

Credit: http://100falcons.wordpress.com/

Okay, maybe that's too strict a definition =P But even the more modern of interpretations should at least look somewhat reminiscent of flowy draped fabric to be labeled a toga dress or a toga top. This is one design which endeared to my heart:

Credit: The Sartorialist, a fashion photography blog I absolutely adore.

So that settles the question of what I'm talking about =P Back to the review: this simple top is what one would call a versatile piece. Never thought I would resort to such reviewer jargon but it aptly describes the freedom to match and accessorize. The design itself provides flexibility, offering options of a sweet bow, a classy knot or anything else you can come up with. Oversized safety pin ala Elizabeth Hurley? =P They suggested that it “can even be used as a short dress”. But try not to confuse your friends wearing it on different shoulders eh? =P

They have it in yellow and black. My skin tone is too yellow already as it is (mom tells people it's because I used to only want yellow noodles >_>), but black conceals the ruche details along the sides. There is one doubt that continues to plague my mind: how would those ruches look on the curvier babes such as yours truly? =/

Wished: The Perfect Tie at RM42

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