Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wished: Street Style

I had fallen head over heels the moment I set eyes on this stunner. Everybody I mentioned this dizzy crush to only smiled and nodded pleasantly. But look at her. *sigh* Ain't she a beaut? A Fringe selection, check. Bright bold colours, check. Funky straps and panels, check. Chunky buckles and studs and zippers, check, check, check! Come to mama, baby!

Ok, so it's peep toe, which never looks great on me. And it has pink, which I'm not the greatest fan of. And considering the price range of the shoes, probably well beyond what I can spare. But I would feel like a million bucks in this! Think about it:
Last pair.
Just the right colour.
Just the right size.
It's a real-life Cinderella story, ftw! And a daydream dashed by the infinite darkness of an empty wallet... *sniffles*

Wished (so very hard!): Street Style, email for pricing

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