Monday, January 12, 2009

The Intricacies

My at least one post a day record is broken :( I blame irregular sleep cycle, laundry and Left 4 Dead >_>
Youth'09 post coming up soon. As soon as I find the namecards I left lying around somewhere, I could swear it was just here...

But for now, lookie what I found:

N0006 at RM28

Does this look familiar? This piece from The Stripee Zebra is going for RM28! But it is only available in gold and yours truly has an inexplicable aversion towards gold accessories. Or anything gold for that matter >_> From the picture, its surface does seem a tad bit less smooth but that does nothing to mar its bold character. Scars only add on to the edginess, just as it does for people ;]

The Stripee Zebra has added apparel to their offerings since the first time I dropped by late last month but it is still the jewellery that caught my eye. While the prices seem considerable in proportion to the sizes, the intricacy of their design is mesmerizing. Stark and simple, without any add-ons to distract from their intrinsic beauty, I can see these pieces bringing subtle texture to achieve a look of understated elegance.

From left: E0008 at RM18, E0006 at RM14 and E0003 at RM14

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